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How It Works

RMT Insight increases your agency's revenue and profitability. With RMT Insight Coverage Review Checklists, you and your agents can quickly produce detailed, customized interactive checklists from scratch or from one of many templates.

RMT Insight shows customers what coverage types and amounts they elected not to carry. When customers review the checklist online, you automatically have bulletproof E&O documentation. And the best part — clients who review the coverage they don't have are much more likely to upsell themselves.

Create a checklist.

Getting started in is simple — there's no extra software required. It's all in the cloud. Simply sign in from any computer, add a prospect or client (if your clients are in an agency management system, we'll help you import them), and start creating checklists in seconds using our accurate, up–to–date coverage library. You can even add custom coverages.

It's never been easier to create great coverage review checklists.

Print, review and send the checklist to the prospect or client.

Print the coverage checklist and advise your client face-to-face, and with the click of a button, you can send your prospect or client a link to review their interactive checklist online. It increases the value of your face-to-face meetings and provides the customer with the opportunity to educate themselves on coverage options at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them.

Often, when customers see for themselves what coverages and limits they don't have, it encourages them to add coverages to a policy. We've made it easy for your clients to ask questions and even request more coverage.

Receive notification of additional coverage interest...and documentation of coverage rejection.

RMT Insight notifies you when your client has reviewed their coverage checklist, and shows you what questions they have as well as what additional coverage they're interested in. You can monitor their checklist review progress.

You get robust documentation showing your client's review and rejection of coverage. When you look across clients, you can also gain insight into client upsell behaviors. RMT Insight lets you see which clients are looking at which coverages so you can target their interests and provide better customer service and showcase your expertise.

Because RMT Insight provides automatic, built-in documentation, you reduce your exposure to expensive E&O claims that could potentially bankrupt an agency.

Create, Print, Send and Track Proposals

You also can use RMT Insight to create professional agency-branded proposals that provide your clients with clear explanations of recommended coverage options. Create proposals in seconds using our accurate, up–to–date coverage library. You can even add custom coverages.

Add your premium, deductible, and limit numbers, include a personal note to the prospect or client, and you've got a professional–looking, accurate proposal. Print and share with your client.

RMT Insight gives you new opportunities to engage and educate your client using the latest technologies. It’s a great tool to supplement your face-to-face meetings. As customers interact with your proposal online before or after your meetings, you get immediate feedback regarding their interest in coverage options so you can strike while the iron is hot.


We've streamlined the process of preparing Proposals and Coverage Checklists so you can spend less time building them, and add value automatically.

Create, send, and track custom proposals from scratch or from coverage templates.

Create, send, and track coverage review lists to prospects & clients.

Automatic E&O documentation when proposal is sent, avoiding lawsuits.

Receive email notifications on who to follow up with, and conveniently manage lists.

Automatic archiving of coverage offering & rejection for E&O.

Analyze customer shopping and interaction habits with our detailed reporting.

Nothing to install, no additional software required. RMT Insight runs in the cloud.

Secure access to sensitive data, made with security in mind.

Protect your agency and reputation while increasing your revenue.

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