Risk Management Technologies works in partnership with other software organizations and insurance carriers to help insurance agents and agencies increase sales, improve client communication, and reduce E&O exposure.

Utica National

We're pleased to announce that our partnership with Utica National allows qualifying agencies to receive up to a 5% discount on Utica National errors and omissions premiums when they sign up with RMT Insight.

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Xanatek has negotiated for the first 25 IMS agencies that sign up between now and September to receive deeply discounted pricing for RMT Insight. RMT Insight will offer specialized implementation leveraging the IMS customer data. A deeper partnership and integration is slated for early 2015.

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Michael Doran, President of SIS, states, "Providing our agencies with the right tools and technologies is critical to our mission. With RMT Insight added to the capabilities Partner XE provides, it allows agencies to differentiate themselves in the market and sell more business. Their unique proposal engine paired with their ability to ensure that agencies are tracking all potential coverage options is unique in the market and will be a benefit to our agencies."

Starting in August 2014, this partnership will go into effect for all customers of SIS. RMT Insight will offer specialized implementation leveraging the Partner XE customer data.

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